Values in Action: Embracing Our Community Norms 

A commitment to a culture of inclusion guides all the educational, philanthropic, and outreach programs we pursue at Washington Women’s Foundation (WaWF). Membership and grant committee volunteers strive for respectful…more

Four Key Learnings from the 2023 Women & Girls Grant Committee 

We had the privilege this year to serve on the Women and Girls Grant Committee for the Washington Women’s Foundation’s grant that specifically funds work to support women and girls…more

Introducing our 2023 Women & Girls Grantees

At Washington Women’s Foundation (WaWF), one of our cherished values is to elevate and amplify the power of all who identify as women. Supported by the WFA Fund for Women,…more

Introducing our 2023 Advocacy Grantees 

During the summer of 2023, a group of Washington Women’s Foundation (WaWF) members and community members met several times to review applications submitted for our Advocacy Grants, which were submitted…more

Reflecting on the Grantee Engagement Team’s Second Year 

The purpose of the Grantee Engagement Team is to develop relationships with WaWF grantees in alignment with our grantmaking and community outreach strategies. In our second year, the team continued…more

Open Call: Invitation to Board Service

Are you looking for a new or deeper way to engage with the Foundation? Have you ever thought about serving on the Washington Women’s Foundation Board of Directors? We hope…more

Collective Grants 2023: Final 15 Organizations

We’re excited to share another update from the 2023 Collective Grants Committee! Since our last update, the committee has been working to thoughtfully research 30 organizations in our three priorities:…more

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Navigating Change at Washington Women’s Foundation 

In 2018, amidst strategic planning sessions and deep reflections on...


We’re delighted to share another update from the 2024 Collective...

2024 Collective Grants Update: Final 15 Organizations

We’re excited to share another update from the 2024 Collective...

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