Open Call: Invitation to Board Service

Are you looking for a new or deeper way to engage with the Foundation? Have you ever thought about serving on the Washington Women’s Foundation Board of Directors? We hope you will consider joining the WaWF Board of Directors. We have several open positions on the Board beginning January 1, 2024, for three-year terms. The director recruitment process is an open call to the membership and we welcome all members to apply. Read more to find out about our 2024 recruitment efforts. 

The Board is collectively responsible for governance and mission-based leadership of the organization. Our Board directors strongly support the mission, values, and strategic direction of Washington Women’s Foundation. Candidates should demonstrate courage to challenge assumptions, possess a deep curiosity, have the time and commitment for board service, and a willingness to serve as an ambassador for the Foundation.

We welcome new directors who:

  • reflect the diverse cultural, racial, generational, sexual, and socioeconomic identities of our broader Washington State community;
  • know people across an array of social, cultural, professional, and economic circles both inside and outside of the Foundation;
  • are interested in and willing to progress into a leadership role as Board executive or Board committee chair. Board leaders strive to facilitate rich discussions, move groups forward, and address issues as they arise.

We invite everyone with a passion for the Foundation’s work and an interest in board service to apply. This year, we are particularly looking for new directors that bring: 

  • professional or volunteer experience with community organizations, public policy, advocacy, or community organizing;
  • professional experience in human resources or legal experience in not-for-profit governance or employment law;
  • professional or volunteer experience leading or contributing to a process to define objectives and strategies to realize the organization’s vision; or,
  • professional experience in accounting, audit, or finance, with a focus in the not-for-profit world.

Process:  All interested candidates will be invited to complete a statement of interest, followed by a conversation with members of the Board Governance Committee to get to know her and better understand her interest in board service. The Governance Committee will recommend a slate of candidates to the board for approval and present the slate to the full membership for a vote at the annual meeting held in October 2023.* The Governance Committee will work to balance the board with the expertise, demographics, and personal attributes needed to successfully govern.

For those curious or interested in board service, please attend the virtual Member-to-Member session on May 17th at 11:00 AMClick here to register. If you are interested in board service yourself, or wish to share the name of another member you think would be a great addition to the board, please contact Julie Burg, Governance Chair at or Maria Kolby-Wolfe, President & CEO at for more information.

In 2022, the Governance Committee of the Board created a board competency model that identifies our aspirations for the board to bring the membership voice forward and successfully govern WaWF.   It is framed by our commitment to equity and inclusion, consists of individual attributes and learned expertise, and is grounded in the Foundation’s values

We identified five personal attributes that are desired characteristics of every WaWF director.  These personal attributes are demonstrated through her actions and words, and are expressions of her beliefs, attitudes, and motivations. The individual attributes we aspire to demonstrate are:

  • Values Aligned – model caring and collaborating
  • Courage – challenge assumptions, champion change
  • Curiosity – listen, learn, act
  • Ambassadorship – share the story
  • Commitment – be a good director

With the current emphasis on increasing membership, directors are being asked to increase their ambassadorship efforts.  They are taking actions to actively promote the story of WaWF, describe the value of membership, and champion new ideas and programs within their networks.  They are attending and participating in programs and events to a greater extent and connecting with members.

Acquired Expertise is demonstrated by a director’s training and lived experience.  Among the expertise we seek to have represented on the board as a whole are Finance/Audit/Investment; Legal; Human Resources; Adult Training / Development; Philanthropy / Grant-making; Not for Profit; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion; Governance; Branding / Marketing; Leadership.  Beyond these skills, each year the board will determine what additional expertise is needed to meet the Foundation’s strategic priorities.

When all pieces of the board-competency model are combined, we have a comprehensive picture of the collective expertise, lived experiences, individual attributes, and commitment to our values that are needed of the WaWF board. As we seek to build a board reflective of our membership and mission, our board recruitment efforts will be based on this intentional model.

*It is possible that not all those that complete a statement of interest will be selected for board service.

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