Our Education

Since our founding Washington Women’s Foundation has been a learning collective, dedicated to making education a cornerstone of everything we do. WaWF members drive this learning, designing programs, panels, and educational activities that promote deeper understanding of our community. Our educational activities are tied directly to our grantmaking and are organized along the same annual themes and priorities. Click here to learn more about this year’s priorities.

Education Philosophy

At WaWF, we are lifelong learners, approaching our education with both curiosity and humility. Our educational programming provides members and the wider community with opportunities to engage collectively in learning.  

We see education as foundational for justice, and philanthropy as a way to put justice into action. As informed grantmakers it is imperative that we hold each other accountable to educating ourselves about our community.  

We know individuals embedded in community are more knowledgeable about ideas for change. We are honored to invite them to be partners in our learning. In acknowledgement of the time and energy they have invested in our growth we are pleased to offer compensation for their labor. 

We learn from each other, from the individuals in community that agree to be our teachers, and by engaging nonprofit organizations in ongoing dialogue about their visions and the hopes of the communities they serve.  

Upcoming Events & Programs