Announcing our 2023 Priorities

Washington Women’s Foundation (WaWF) is excited to announce the priorities for our 2023 Collective Grants! As year two of our two-year grantmaking cycle, the funding themes for the 2023 Collective Grants are: 1) Climate & Agricultural Justice; 2) Education; 3) Healthcare.

In late September, we invited everyone who attended Convening 2022 in-person and virtually to suggest priorities in each of these themes. Our wider community, including WaWF members, grantees, and partners, shared 70 different priorities across our three funding themes. WaWF staff then collated these community priorities, highlighting the top three to four priorities per theme, and presented them to the WaWF membership for a vote.

The community priorities presented to the WaWF membership for a vote were as follows:

  • Climate & Agricultural Justice
    • Farm worker rights
    • Food sovereignty, insecurity, & production 
    • Land acquisition and farmer support
  • Education
    • Creating belonging for students and families
    • Culturally responsive curriculum
    • Early childhood education, including literacy
    • Teacher support, including training, coaching, and pipeline development
  • Healthcare
    • Access to culturally relevant mental health care
    • Affordable access to medical care
    • Reproductive justice and maternal healthcare
    • Training, supporting, and developing the pipeline of community-based providers

With gratitude to our community, we are proud to introduce our 2023 funding and learning priorities:

Theme: Climate & Agricultural Justice
Priority: Food Sovereignty & Security

Investing in communities’ access to culturally appropriate food via sustainable food systems, and food security created through ecologically sound production lines. 

We are interested in learning more about the relationship between people, power and food production, and the impact that relationship to the land has on climate and agricultural justice. 

Theme: Education
Priority: Early Childhood Education

Investing in both formal and informal education and opportunities for early learners from birth to age 8, which may include the development of literacy skills.

We are interested in learning more about how a focus on our youngest community members during a period of fundamental development impacts their growth. 

Theme: Healthcare
Priority: Reproductive Justice & Maternal Healthcare

Investing in the ability to maintain personal bodily autonomy, control reproductive choices, and access healthcare during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

We are interested in learning more about the many ways reproductive matters impact our community, with a holistic approach to maternal health.

We look forward to learning about these priorities as a membership and focusing our grantmaking on supporting organizations advancing racial and gender equity in these areas in 2023.

The 2023 Letter of Inquiry is open now through December 15th. We welcome applications from organizations working in the 2023 priorities across Washington State. To learn more and submit your LOI click here.

We’re looking for new members to join our community and sit on our 2023 Collective Grants Committee! Not yet a member? Learn more about becoming a Washington Women’s Foundation member here or contact

1 response to “Announcing our 2023 Priorities

  1. Wanted to give some context about my business..
    I have a licensed family child care business. I received my child care license in Mar-2019. First few months, I didn’t have any enquiries and enrollments and then in Sep 2019, I got 6 kids enrolled after a lot of struggle and efforts. 5 of them were elementary school kids. Due to Covid pandemic, in March 2020, once the schools were closed and stay at home order was issued, parents stopped sending their kids to my child care and also canceled their summer camp enrollments as well. There was very little/no response for any new enrollments in the remainder of 2020. Secondly, schools didn’t open in person in Sept 2020, I had to bear more loss at that time too, as parents were working from home and didn’t need child care.

    During the pandemic, my business was officially open, but I still had to bear loss and it has been very difficult to sustain the business.
    So I would like to request to consider my for this grant.
    Hope you understand my concerns. Please let me know your thoughts.

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