Letter from the President: Membership Survey Results

Dear Members of WA Women’s Foundation, In May we invited all of our members to complete an online survey.  The survey collected several important points of data that will be helpful to the Board of Directors and staff as we develop the next strategic plan for the Foundation.  Because more than 150 members took the…more

Letter from the President: Strategic Planning

This year marks the end point of our current strategic plan and thus, brings an opportunity for our Board of Directors to establish new goals and objectives for WA Women’s Foundation.  Because WA Women’s Foundation is your Foundation, we will be asking you to help us with our planning process.  Before doing so, I wanted…more

Letter from the President: Introducing Our New Logo

  In case you missed our last two blog posts (Unveiling the New Mission Statement for WA Women’s Foundation & Our New Visual Identity, Part 1), here’s a quick recap: We used our members’ feedback to create our new mission statement:     Washington Women’s Foundation is a strong and inclusive collective of informed women who together…more

Letter from the President: Our New Visual Identity, Part 1

  Last week, I shared with you how we arrived at a new mission statement for Washington Women’s Foundation. The same process informed our adoption of a new brand for the Foundation. An organization’s mission statement is the leading verbal representation of its brand identity.     Washington Women’s Foundation is a strong and inclusive…more

Letter from the President: Unveiling The New Mission Statement for WA Women’s Foundation

It’s hard to believe that I recently celebrated my second anniversary as President of Washington Women’s Foundation. When I was hired in the Foundation’s 19th year, the Board of Directors charged me with setting the course for the Foundation’s future. You can’t get to “Point B” if you don’t know your starting point, “Point A,”…more

Letter from the President: A Moment of Opportunity

“[The summer] brought racial disorders to American cities, and with them shock, fear and bewilderment to the nation.”  Esteemed legal advocate Marian Wright Edelman began her recent Child Watch® column, Unfinished Business, with the quote above. Though it is an excerpt from a report by the National Advisory Committee on Civil Disorders (the “Kerner Commission Report”)…more

Letter from the President: Lessons Learned – Assessing the Impact of Our Grants

Did you know that there are men serving on a committee at Washington Women’s Foundation? It’s true – on our Impact Assessment Committee. Washington Women’s Foundation has been awarding grants since 1996 and has been formally reviewing the impact of those grants since 2003. That year, the Foundation formed its first Impact Assessment Committee “to…more

Letter from the President: Reflecting on Personal and Family Philanthropic Values

Recently I experienced the most-dreaded of working mother maladies – the child care provider’s vacation. In order to cobble together coverage for the week, I had to bring my nine-year old daughter, Cameron, to a not-for-profit Board meeting with me one evening. During the meeting, I thought Cameron was deeply engrossed in her online math homework. However, after the meeting,…more


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