Letter from the President: Introducing Our New Logo

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In case you missed our last two blog posts (Unveiling the New Mission Statement for WA Women’s Foundation & Our New Visual Identity, Part 1), here’s a quick recap:

We used our members’ feedback to create our new mission statement:



Washington Women’s Foundation is a strong and inclusive collective of informed women who together influence community transformation.

  • Through individual and collective discovery.

  • Through high-impact grant making.

  • By listening to and respecting all voices in our community.

At the same time, we began a year-long process to design a new visual identity for Washington Women’s Foundation that reflects the following traits and attributes of our brand:


Influential / Engaging / Groundbreaking / Brave / Generous

Challenge / Transformation / Impact

We now present the new logo of Washington Women’s Foundation:

Washington Women's Foundation logo

Why are we excited about this new look for the Foundation?

It Honors Our Past: We kept the color orange from our previous logo and paired it with a more modern tone of blue. Why orange? It’s the color that represents “transformation,” one of the key elements of our brand.

It Aligns With Our Mission and the Perception of the Foundation: We believe that this logo matches the spirit of our new, more aspirational mission statement and over time, will come to represent WA Women’s Foundation as a “powerful game changer” – a description of the Foundation that resonated with many.

It Gives Us a Fresh Start: Our new logo allows us to leave “WWF” and all of the brand confusion it creates behind! Our brand can now stand on its own – as WA Women’s Foundation.

What’s Coming Next:

  • A refresh and upgrade of our website to reflect our new brand and improve the user experience.
  • The Board of Directors has started the next phase of strategic planning with a focus on new mission, our organizational culture and how WA Women’s Foundation can evolve to become a more inclusive organization, both from the perspective of our membership as well as the types of organizations and causes we fund.
  • We want to think creatively about how we can wield the greatest influence with our funding while at the same time, deepening your learning through our grant making.

Your voice matters in this conversation, and there will be opportunities for you to provide feedback as we move forward. Because this is not any one member’s vision of WA Women’s Foundation – we are creating our shared vision of what we, as a collective, can do together.

What can hundreds of committed women do together? Anything we choose.

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