Yvonne Hall, WA Women’s Foundation Member Since 2001

It felt like serendipity for Yvonne when in 2001 three women on three separate occasions over two weeks mentioned the Washington Women’s Foundation. Yvonne says, “The universe was telling me I needed to learn more.” She attended an educational event hosted by the Foundation and told her husband, “I am depressed because I heard about problems I didn’t know existed in our community and I am excited because I learned about organizations doing great work to address these problems.” Yvonne was hooked and, through her engagement, developed confidence over the years in the processes and the way the Foundation makes decisions. “The Foundation has helped me build skills so that I can be more effective in the ways that I want to have an impact. It has offered me an opportunity to grow as a philanthropist, as a giver, as a donor, and as someone who cares about my community. With two successful careers in predominantly male-dominated industries, I am passionate about promoting and supporting women, their strength, and their financial independence. Currently, I lead an all-woman team of professionals in the financial services industry. My professional life influences my work with the Foundation and my work with the Foundation influences my professional life. As I look ahead, the two things that are the most meaningful to me and spark joy in my heart are the focus on women and girls and the focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice. These are issues where I want to have a positive impact. I love the questions the Foundation is asking in terms of shifting how we do our grant making. I am super excited about the Foundation continuing the work of Women’s Funding Alliance through the WFA Fund for Women targeting women and girls’ issues. We can collectively do good and we can do good for women.”

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