Keeping Families Together, Protecting People from Violence, and Standing Up to Injustice

A $100,000 grant from WA Women’s Foundation came at a critical time for Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP).  In 2013, NWIRP faced a tremendous increase in demand for its immigration legal services after a change in policy increased the number of undocumented young people needing assistance.

The Foundation’s grant enabled NWIRP to increase its staff and grow its fundraising capacity.  The investment has paid off.  Philanthropic support has substantially increased, and NWIRP is providing more direct legal services to families as well as continuing to expand its statewide presence and systemic advocacy for immigrants.

Immigrant and refugee communities are facing significant challenges and the need for NWIRP’s services and advocacy has never been greater.  However, NWIRP has built the capacity to meet the need.  As Executive Director Jorge L. Barón notes, “The early support of WA Women’s Foundation made a profound impact that will be felt for many years to come.”


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