Ginny Trethewey, WA Women’s Foundation Members Since 2013

As a Seattle native who spent 40 years in Ohio and retired to Seattle in 2011, Ginny turned to her lifelong friend, Lyn Tangen, for advice on Seattle nonprofits, their burning issues, needs, and passions. Lyn knew the Washington Women’s Foundation could deepen Ginny’s knowledge and introduce her to a community of committed women philanthropists. What stood out for Ginny was the broad lens and ways to dig deeper through the Foundation’s grantmaking process. What thrilled Ginny more, was having a passionate dialogue with women informed through stacks of Letters of Inquiry (LOIs) submitted by on-the-ground trusted nonprofit leaders who know the answers to their communities’ needs and how philanthropy can meet those needs. As Ginny describes it, “out of a whole bunch of winners, how can we pick the best winners?” The friendships have been a highlight for Ginny and a gift. “We were less of a predictable group than I would have guessed, which pleased me,” said Ginny. “And I was surprised by the diversity of views and experiences.” The work is rewarding and reinforcing. “Working with a group of women I admire and respect is a satisfying way to be philanthropic.” Ginny also appreciates the pool of talent and passion the Foundation has to draw on. “Everyone can find their place based on their own time, interest, and rhythm.” While there are opportunities for each member to be increasingly engaged and offered leadership roles, “It’s a joy to say yes, and perfectly fine to say no.” The organization is on a new path and a critical organizational journey. It’s an exciting time to be a member.

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