Past Priorities

Arts & Community Culture

  • Community Cultural Preservation (2022): Investing in systemically under-resourced communities by supporting the preservation of language, stories, performing arts, sites, crafts, relationships to land, forms of subsistence, and other cultural traditions.

Housing & Hunger

  • Mental Health & Housing (2022): Focusing on the intersection of mental health and housing and supporting organizations that address the many ways trauma and mental health can create additional challenges and unique needs in housing.   

Law, Justice, & Incarceration

  • School to Prison Pipeline (2022): Focusing on the relationship between our education system and our justice system, and the trend of young adults being funneled into detention, creating a pipeline from school to jail.   

Climate & Agricultural Justice

  • Food Sovereignty & Security (2023): Investing in communities’ access to culturally appropriate food via sustainable food systems, and food security created through ecologically sound production lines. We are interested in learning more about the relationship between people, power and food production, and the impact that relationship to the land has on climate and agricultural justice.


  • Early Childhood Education (2023): Investing in both formal and informal education and opportunities for early learners from birth to age 8, which may include the development of literacy skills. We are interested in learning more about how a focus on our youngest community members during a period of fundamental development impacts their growth.


  • Reproductive Justice & Maternal Healthcare (2023): Investing in the ability to maintain personal bodily autonomy, control reproductive choices, and access healthcare during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. We are interested in learning more about the many ways reproductive matters impact our community, with a holistic approach to maternal health.
Grantees in our 2022 Priorities