Cabinet is a member committee that is chartered with coordinating across our various member committee, activities, and programs, guided by the goals of the WaWF strategic plan. Cabinet is made up of the leadership of each member committee, and meets 5 times annually to share what each committee has been doing. Cabinet meetings are also a time for our member leaders to ask for advice, feedback, and support to further the work of their committee.

For 2022/2023, the following members and staff sit on Cabinet:

  • Christine Atkins (Cabinet Chair)
  • Ann Kumasaka (Board President)
  • Maria Kolby-Wolfe (President & CEO)
  • Megan Bruce (Advocacy Chair)
  • Alisa So (Collective Grants Co-Chair)
  • Catherine Gelband (Collective Grants Co-Chair)
  • Nicole Stellner (Collective Grants Co-Chair)
  • Ellen Look (Grantee Engagement Team Co-Chair)
  • Karen Jones (Grantee Engagement Team Co-Chair)
  • Janet Frohnmayer (Convening Committee Co-Chair)
  • Susan Barley (Convening Committee Co-Chair)
  • Amy Corey (Membership Events Committee Co-Chair)
  • Sharon Hammel (Membership Events Committee Co-Chair)
  • Barbara Fielden (Women & Girls Grant Committee Chair)

Click below to read Christine’s reports from recent Cabinet meetings.

Christine’s Cabinet Corner – 10/10/2022 (22/23 Cabinet Meeting #1)

Christine’s Cabinet Corner – 1/9/2023 (22/23 Cabinet Meeting #2)

Christine’s Cabinet Corner – 2/24/2023 (22/23 Cabinet Meeting #3)

Christine’s Cabinet Corner – 4/26/2023 (22/23 Cabinet Meeting #4)

Christine’s Cabinet Corner – 6/7/2023 (22/23 Cabinet Meeting #5)