Priorities in Practice

We invest and learn in six primary thematic areas, which rotate annually over a two-year cycle. Each year we select one priority per theme on which we center our grantmaking and learning programs. 

Even Year Themes 

  • Law, Justice, & Incarceration 
  • Housing & Hunger 
  • Arts & Community Culture 

Odd Year Themes 

  • Healthcare 
  • Climate & Agricultural Justice 
  • Education 

The priority selection process begins at the Convening: a day of learning each September that is free and open to the public. At the Convening we explore the upcoming year’s thematic areas through the lens of changemakers working in those areas across Washington State. Afterwards, all Convening attendees are invited to share what priorities they believe we should fund in the upcoming year’s themes. 

In October of each year, the top community priorities from the Convening are presented to the WaWF membership for a vote. The results of the membership vote, announced at our Annual Meeting each October, decide our funding and learning priorities for the upcoming year. 

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