WFA Fund For Women

Banner representing news about WFA Fund For Women at WA Women's Foundation

We’re excited to launch the WFA Fund For Women to continue the nearly 40-year legacy of the Women’s Funding Alliance. The WFA Fund For Women at WA Women’s Foundation maximizes the opportunity for dollars to reach diverse communities and drive transformation for women and girls across the state. In March 2020, Women’s Funding Alliance transferred its remaining grantmaking funds to this newly-created Fund For Women. The evolution is a powerful demonstration of two women’s organizations combining their strengths in support of women and girls across Washington State.  

If you are a former Women’s Funding Alliance donor, we appreciate the role you have played in carrying Women’s Funding Alliance’s mission forward. We hope you will continue to participate in supporting women and girls. To receive updates about the WFA Fund For Women, please email info[at] to be added to our mailing list.