Start Something In Your Community

WA Women’s Foundation pioneered the concept of women’s large-scale, collective grant making more than two decades ago. Our model has inspired scores of other organizations around the country and throughout the world. We invite you to join the transformation and start something in your community today!

Build a Collective in Your Community

WA Women’s Foundation Grant Notebook

WA Women’s Foundation’s Grant Notebook is the quintessential guide for organizations or individuals wishing to discover the power of collective giving. The Notebook provides a step-by-step guide through our hands-on grant making process. This guide is available for purchase and download below. To preview a few pages of the Grant Notebook, CLICK HERE.


Something Ventured: An Innovative Model in Philanthropy

Written by WA Women’s Foundation co-founder Colleen S. Willoughby in 2002, this booklet offers practical advice and basic resources to help other women organize grant making collectives in their communities. This booklet is available for purchase and download below. To preview a few pages of Something Ventured, CLICK HERE.


Join Our National Network

WA Women’s Foundation is part of a larger philanthropic collective that welcomes new collective giving groups into membership. In 2008, WA Women’s co-founder Colleen Willoughby joined with a group of like-minded leaders to launch the Women’s Collective Giving Grantmaking Network (WCGN), which became Catalist in 2018. Catalist was created to build and amplify the power of women’s collective giving and grant making and is now a nationally-recognized authority in women’s philanthropic leadership.

Catalist Women logo

Catalist supports the creation, development, and expansion of women’s collective giving nationwide to build women’s leadership and amplify the power of giving together. Catalist programs include monthly educational conference calls, a members’ only website, and bi-annual conferences. To learn more visit Catalist’s website here or contact them at

Click here to read a report by Mary Kay Gugerty and Kelly Husted from the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance at University of Washington, which looks at the Catalist network.

2020 Catalist Conference: POWERUP! The Spark That Ignites Change

Catalist, Power Up, WA Women's Foundation banner

We are excited to be hosting the 2020 Catalist Conference here in Seattle from February 23 – 25 at The Motif. This will be one of the largest gatherings of women philanthropists in Seattle, and will be an opportunity to come together to learn and share ideas to expand the impact of the collective giving movement now and in the years to come.

For more information about the conference and how to register, click here to be directed to the conference page on the Catalist website.